United Silesian Legion

United Silesian Legion

Informações da Equipe

  • Nome: United Silesian Legion
  • Presidente Shadowrun5
  • País de Origem: Polska (Poland)
  • Fundação: 2015-07-27
  • Prêmios em 2024: GoldMark 0
  • Total de Premiações: GoldMark 0

Biografia da Equipe

Welcome to the world of Supremacy 1914, where history comes to life and the fate of nations is in your hands. United Silesian Legion [AmK] was founded on 27/07/2012. Our twelve-year legacy is a history of success, dominated by triumphs and victories. In 2016, we took first place in the Polish League of Alliances, and since then our legend has only strengthened…

Each of our members is a master strategist, a commander who knows no fear and constantly strives for perfection. Our community is not only a well-coordinated team, but also a family, ready to take part in any battle.

…not only those who win gain fame, but also those who do not lose like cowards…

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Histórico do Time

  • Membro Fundador Arena Supremacy
    1 de junho, 2024

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